One of our 2015 heifers sired by Sitz Investment

The Flying AJ Ranch has meticulously tracked and improved our herd’s genetics for 20 years.

Dr. Richardson from Blue Mountain Veterinary Clinic in Missoula, Montana has been a great asset when it comes to dealing with Angus cattle and health issues. Today he and Arlin are out in the field, looking over the registered Angus herd of the Flying AJ Ranch.


Arlin and Dr. Dick Richardson examining the Flying AJ’s Angus herd

◦ Flying AJ Ranch has 20 years in the ANGUS business
◦ Arlin was active in the Stevensville High School FFA  chapter, serving as secretary
◦ All cows are artificially inseminated to top performance bulls
◦ All calves are performance tested
◦ All yearlings are ultra sounded for Rib eye, marbling, and back fat
◦ Our herd is culled every year for performance and docility
◦ We breed for easy fleshing, maternal and calving ease traits
◦ Our genetics are up to date and on the leading edge
◦ We synchronize our breeding cycle to be finished calving in 45 days
◦ We expect our cattle to stand alone on their own merits

Registered Black Angus Heifers from the Flying AJ Ranch, Stevensville, MT

Our Black Angus heifers are known for their high quality genetics and calving ease.